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Welcome to the ORSA Website

We are going to be developing the new features on this site far more regularly.  You, our guests, friends and ORSA members will soon have an easier way of keeping in touch, finding out locations and times of games and all sorts of other useful things.

Please visit regularly and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.






Welcome to the Ontario Rural Softball Association’s (ORSA) first website. Some of our communities are big in spirit but small in population. Some of our communities are close to our hearts, but a long distance away. The goal of this website is to fill the space between us and bring our communities closer together.


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The ORSA wants to give everyone a way to easily access association information and make everyone feel welcome to share our love of softball throughout the season. We are hoping that with the easy access of our site, we have the ability to connect more closely with everyone in the rural area and become more openly involved with you the players, coaches and volunteers. We will continue to grow the ORSA legacy with pride, as we have since its beginnings in 1931.


The Ontario Rural Softball Association has adopted a number of new Policies and Procedures. To view them, please use the following link.








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